Washington Specific Plan


The City of West Sacramento is updating the Washington Specific Plan. This website provides up-to-date information about the project, its schedule, ways to participate, project documents, and City contacts.

A successful Specific Plan reflects the ideas and priorities of the whole West Sacramento community, so we invite you to take a look around and share your vision for the future of the Washington neighborhood. Please check back often for updates, meeting announcements, draft documents, and other ways to participate in the process.


The Neighborhood

The Washington neighborhood is located along the eastern bank of the Sacramento River between Tower Bridge and the I Street Bridge. The neighborhood features an eclectic mix of land uses and building forms over approximately 200 acres of land, and features the City's oldest buildings, a walkable commercial district, some of its most established residential neighborhoods, and tree-lined streets. It is the home of CalSTRS, the Washington Firehouse (Burgers & Brew), Broderick Roadhouse, and the Ziggurat (currently occupied by the state Department of General Services). Washington also contains much of the City’s historic and cultural resources. It is currently an area of focus for the City, with great potential to be a vibrant urban neighborhood.

This project is a comprehensive update to the 1996 Washington Specific Plan (WSP), primarily building on the 2015 Washington Realized: A Sustainable Community Strategy effort.


Project Overview

The City prepared the existing Washington Specific Plan (WSP) in 1996. Much has changed in the decades since the WSP was adopted. Two landmark office buildings have established firm anchors along the waterfront. A thriving residential, commercial, and entertainment node has taken root at 3rd and C Streets. The grade-separated State Route 275, which had isolated the Washington Area from the Bridge District to the south, has been transformed into the at-grade Tower Bridge Gateway.


And much more is in the works…


New Bridge

Plans for the new I/C Street Bridge are on their way to providing transportation benefits, as well as literally clearing a path for new infill development opportunities and new recreational amenities (including the repurposing of the I Street Bridge deck).

New Streetcar

The new Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar Project will provide the linkages necessary to firmly establish the Washington neighborhood as a vital neighborhood in a newly-redefined regional urban core.

New Grand Gateway

The Westside Rail Relocation Project will remove physical impediments to creating a Grand Gateway that knits together the Washington neighborhood, West Sacramento’s Central Business District, the Bridge District, and the Sacramento River waterfront.


Building On Our Progress

The City of West Sacramento and the community have already made considerable progress in setting the stage. The Washington Realized Sustainable Community Strategy lays the groundwork by identifying solutions to infrastructure deficiencies, defining transportation system improvements, and isolating impediments to progress, including brownfield properties. It also provides helpful recommendations for refining the focus of the WSP.

The updated plan will reflect and/or incorporate much of what the City completed for the Washington Realized effort, while providing a more detailed land use and urban design framework; architectural guidelines, including historic architectural guidelines; strategies for addressing parking needs; and an implementation strategy for achieving the vision for the Washington neighborhood.





Get Involved

CURRENT Outreach Events

Click below to participate in the Virtual Workshop.


Past Outreach Events

Community Workshop | April 8th | 4-6pm | Westside Cafe (Identity Coffees), 289 3rd Street, West Sacramento

Please join us April 8th for a workshop to provide feedback on draft concepts for urban design, parks, public art, historic preservation, and other topics that will be addressed in the Specific Plan.


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The City has contracted with a team of planning, design, and cultural resources professionals to assist City staff with preparing the Specific Plans. The firms include: